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No one really enjoys discovering a pest problem in their home. The sight of a spider gently falling from the ceiling, the crunch of a cockroach under your feet, or finding small red bumps on your skin every morning because of bed bugs. All these can be a sign of a major pest infestation and not to mention a very unwelcoming surprise.

Our pest treatment and control services focus on restoring your home to the safe and comfortable environment you crave so much. Our pest exterminators are experts at eliminating roaches, bed bugs, fleas, spiders, rats, mice and other house pests, making sure they never return. We cover all postcodes in and around Warrington.

Swift and Effective Pest Treatment Programs

When you have pest issues, you want them solved right away. That’s why we offer a selection of custom-designed pest extermination programs that ensure immediate relief and guarantee stress-free, long-term protection. All services start with a detailed inspection of your property to determine the severity of the pest invasion and implement the most efficient pest control plan.

Our pest extermination services aren’t hourly-based and our technicians leave your home once the job is finished. We provide instructions for each treatment, plus the necessary number of scheduled visits. Book a guaranteed service and benefit from one or more extra follow-up visits, free of charge, within a period of three months after the initial treatment of your specific pest problem. But wait, that’s not all! Take advantage of our special deals when you’re a return client!

Get The Pests Out of Your Home Today

  • We use insect growth regulators to replicate insects’ natural hormones, disrupt their natural growth and development
  • We use baits to attract pests out of their protected enclosures and eliminate them after the bait is consumed
  • We use traps for mechanical elimination of mice, rats and other species of rodents
  • We create a constant barrier around the exterior of your house to stop pests, such as ants, spiders and cockroaches
  • We target enclosed areas, such as gaps between walls or drywall, underneath cabinets and furniture to eliminate pests
  • We treat cracks and crevices with care, placing materials only in the areas where insects live, hide and breed, to ensure minimal exposure to food, kids and pets
  • Jenn Sinclair, Warrington
    After moving to my grandparents old house, we found lots of wasps in the laundry room, a couple of wasp nests under the roof eaves and one on the fence. We tried to spray them every day with no real results, so we called these guys. They came right on time, listened to all our concerns and explained the overall ...
  • Leo Gibbs, Warrington
    I hate rats! While cleaning out a recent apartment that I had acquired, I noticed what was a rat poop. Luckily, I made a quote enquiry on a Sunday evening and by the next morning I got a phone call to set up a same day extermination service.
  • Olivia Moran, Warrington
    They were great! Thoroughly checked our living spaces for bedbugs and were super nice in answering our questions and calming our anxiety. Thank goodness, there was no evidence of bedbugs. But we will not hesitate to call them again if we have to.
  • Sarah Goddard, Warrington
    Every pet owner knows that almost always you get fleas inside the house. When I found out I called Be Safe, got a reasonable price and booked a flea treatment service. The exterminators came in the moment’s notice, treated every surface and scheduled one more visit after two weeks. Well, one month later - no signs of flea infestation. ...
  • Jasmine Weston, Warrington
    I moved into my first ever place alone earlier this year and noticed I was waking up with bed bug bites. After I contacted my landlord, he sent a company that did nothing. Found "Be Safe" on Google and scheduled an appointment. The guys were really nice and thorough, explained the whole process and even gave me some tips. Not ...